Um Qais (Gadara)

Umm Qais a member of the Decapolis (also named as Umm Qays or Gadara) is a town situated in the extreme north-west of the country, around 110 kilometers (68 mi) from Amman where the borders of Jordan, Israel and Syria meet, perched on a hilltop (378 meters above sea level), overlooking the sea of Tiberias, the Golan heights and the Yarmuk gorge.
The name Gadara may still heard in 'Jedūr', the name of the ancient rock tombs and sarcophagi east of the present ruins. (These tombs are closed by carved stone doors, and are used as storehouses for grain, and as dwellings)The town is situated on a ridge, which falls gently to the east but steeply on its other three sides, Gadara was a center of Greek culture in the region, considered one of its most Hellenized and enjoying special political and religious status. By the third century BC the town was of some cultural importance.
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