Ajloun (Creativity of medieval Muslim military Castle)

The road to ‘Ajloun, located 25 kilometers west of Jerash and 73 kilometers from Amman, winds through fertile green hillsides lined with olive groves. The main attraction in ‘Ajloun is the stronghold of Qala’at al-Rabadh, a fine example of medieval Arab/Islamic military architecture. The castle was built in 1184-1185 CE by the Izzeddin Usama Munqith (The nephew of Salah al-Din Al Ayyoubi - known in the West as Saladin).
Inside, the castle is a labyrinth of vaulted passages, winding staircases, and long ramps, enormous rooms that served as dining halls, dormitories and stables. The castle hosts a total of 11 water cisterns and the private quarters of the Lord of the Castle.
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